About Me

This was my first ever writing assignment for my degree in Public Relations.  Although I wrote it almost four years ago now, I still find it rather accurate and entertaining!


I am coffee.

I stand by this metaphor because coffee has so much diversity and describes so many of my characteristics. First of all, coffee is gender neutral, and so is my name.  By having the name Alex, I have been in many awkward situations where people have thought I was a guy, and it was to their surprise when they realized I wasn’t. I know I’m blonde, and coffee is by no means blond in color either, but I would stick to my argument by saying that blondes can often surprise you, and so can coffee. The smell of coffee is different depending on the cup, and depending on which cup of coffee you catch me on, I’ll be a different person as well.

What is also interesting about my coffee metaphor is that it describes me and how I act around my friends as well. I was a cheerleader from 8th grade until my sophomore year in college. Some of my best friends still cheer for NC State and I will always support the sport and especially my friends. A friend of mine has said, “Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader,” and I feel like it holds true in my life. Coffee is a lot like a cheerleader too. Coffee wakes people up, makes them happy, and can always surprise you. I have been told many times that I have a tendency to make people happy and help them get through their day.  Like coffee, I have surprised myself and my friends many times. I tend to do things on a whim sometimes, and I feel like it keeps life interesting.   Coffee keeps life interesting as well. You can mix different flavor shots and coffee beans to get outrageously different tastes and aromas.  It keeps every sip exciting. Although I have specific drinks I get depending on the coffee shop I go to, I still find it rather exciting when I get a different taste out of the same drink. Also like me, coffee is always dependable. If you order a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks, you know that it will have espresso in it, and that the espresso will wake you. Like coffee, I am dependable. No matter what, if someone needs anything, or I am asked to do something, people can depend on me to handle the situation. I feel good knowing that I can be dependable, but like most people I can slip up. Coffee can slip up on occasion too. If you accidentally put too much sugar in it, it tastes bad. Sometimes, even though I do consider myself loyal and dependable, I make mistakes and am not dependable. Although we don’t always get second chances in life, I know if my heart is in the right place, the turn out will be a good one. I feel like coffee has so many different characteristics that make it so exciting, and I feel my life has been filled with excitement just by being myself.

I hope that my life never gets boring, and I sure hope my coffee does not either.  If my coffee was boring, I do not think I would be able to function in the morning and I think my life would become rather lame as well. To make one last statement about who I am: I compared myself to my favorite drink, coffee – that probably says something about me as well.



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